Creative Climate Action Tool Kit

There are a lot of creative careers that center around music without necessarily being musicians. Graphic design essentially supports artists in almost everything they do. Designers manifest the ideas that the artists want to convey with their music.

Stage and lighting design are vital for tours, concerts, musicals, and more.

Sound design, recording studios, filmmaking Рall of these are part of the music industry. Because a lot of creatives work freelance or as small businesses, it is often more difficult to create and maintain positive climate actions.

Introducing the Creative Climate Action Tool Kit

Zoe Rasbash is the Environmental Emergencies Action Researcher for Bristol + Bath Creative R+D. That organization is working in the UK with universities, small businesses, digital entrepreneurs, and other entities. They help them figure and map out brilliant new ways to create opportunities for collaboration and growth.

But enacting these opportunities has to be within the context of rapid climate change. Without the assets of a large corporation, that is hard to do.

So Rasbash launched the Creative Climate Action Tool Kit. It provides ways for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to not only be sustainable, but be part of healing and doing things better,

The kit recognizes that a small business – often a one or two person concern – doesn’t have the resources to create sustainable practices to meet all of their working situations. And this is also true for freelancers. It is easy to feel unsure where to start, or be startled and worried by how much needs to be done.

‘From Overwhelm to Action’

You know that they get the situation when the accompanying Climate Action Checklist starts off with the declaration, From Overwhelm to Action. You can download the Creative Climate Action Checklist, the Creative Climate Action Worksheet here or get the information and watch the video at their website. Or watch the video here with us.

The video is broken into 5 parts :

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Principles for doable climate action
  • Chapter 2: Challenges and opportunities
  • Chapter 3: Breaking it down
  • Chapter 4: Guided exercises

Surely there will be some, if not a lot, of advice for SMEs and freelancers. Being greener is possible, and eventually, profitable.

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